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What Are Software Frameworks? How Do We Use Them?

At Coder Foundry, we teach our students how to create their own software so that they can go on to work in high-paying, fun jobs in the technology sector. For most people, "software development" is synonymous with "coding," but in our classes we teach much more than just typing out programs (although that is a big part of our curriculum).

One of the concepts that we focus on is learning how to use a software framework, such as Bootstrap or ASP.NET, although there are many others. Frameworks allow programmers to write software and web apps more quickly and efficiently so that they can create more complex, useful tools for clients.

Think of a framework as a tool that guides developers through the programming process. If you examine many Windows applications, you'll find that they're often designed in the same way, with various buttons and areas where users input data in order for the computer to process it and produce a result. The operation may be different in each application, but the general idea behind the program — outputting a result based on data from the user — is the same. A framework gives you a pre-built foundation on which you can construct a program that has a specific use or purpose for the client, without having to build it all from scratch every single time.

Frameworks help to make the software development process go more rapidly, so that you can release products to the market more quickly and make money. Learning how to use them by taking a class at The Coder Foundry will help you become a better professional coder, and in turn secure higher-paying jobs.