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What Are The Best Jobs of the Future?

One of the most frequently discussed topics in the business world is which jobs will be the most heavily compensated in the future. Another way to look at this question is which skills will be most valued by employers, particularly as the economy continues to shift away from manufacturing and more towards service jobs.

ThinkAdvisor, a financial news website, recently published an article that attempts to answer this very question. They interviewed Stacy Rapacon, online editor for Kiplinger, another financial news site, to discuss what would be the most profitable careers going forward, and many of them are aimed at helping an aging baby boomer population.

At the same time, two of the jobs on their list that shouldn't be terribly suprising are information security analysts and app developers. These two groups have accounted for an astounding amount of growth over the past few years and, according to Rapacon, they'll continue to play an important role in the economy, particularly given how crucial mobile applications have become in recent years.

"We are talking about the fact that these jobs involve mainly working with mobile technology, which is tied to the increasing use of mobile devices," Rapacon tells the source. "We are all always using smart phones these days."

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