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What We Can Learn from the Beats Acquisition by Apple

Most of the technology industry has been focused on Apple's recent acquisition of Beats Electronics, the headphone and music streaming company, which was finalized on May 28. Apple is reportedly paying $3 billion for the firm, whose premium headphones have dominated the high end headphone market with somewhere around a 55-60 percent market share.

This is obviously a huge victory for rapper Dr. Dre and music executive Jimmy Iovine, who both founded Beats and turned it into the revenue juggernaut that it has become. It's also a major gamble for Apple, whose influence in the music industry is said to be slipping as users migrate from downloaded music to streaming services like Spotify and, now, Beats Music.

The latter appears to be the main focus for Apple. Beats Music hasn't yet made a significant dent in the streaming market, but it has received good reviews and been praised for its design and usability. While Apple certainly has enough cash on its hands to build a streaming service from scratch, its executives may be asking themselves: Why reinvent the wheel?

Keep this in mind if you're interested in learning how program computers and write software. Large companies are buying up smaller firms every day, which can amount to a huge payday for the owner of the small company as well as their employees. The key to find yourself in such a position is to make sure that you're creating well-designed, useful products that others would have a hard time replicating on their own.

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