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Who Goes to Coding Bootcamps?

If you've found yourself researching coding bootcamps, you might have had some questions about who really attends these programs and what their outcomes have been. Luckily, our friends over at Course Report have published this study that gives us a more holistic view of the demographics of those in various coding bootcamps and what graduates of those camps accomplish after their programs end.

Who goes to a coding bootcamp?

The Course Report study gives a lot of great basic demographic information. The average coding bootcamp student is:

  • Approximate 29 years old
  • Is a U.S. citizen
  • Has a Bachelors Degree (or is part of the 10% working towards one during bootcamp)
  • Has about 6 years of professional work experience
  • Has never worked exclusively as a programmer
  • About 38% of bootcamp attendees are female

Though the numbers in this study are averages and generalizations, we find them to be pretty on-par with the student body (past and present) here at Coder Foundry.

What does a bootcamp help them achieve?

According to Course Report's study, the average bootcamp student goes into their program with a salary of about $52,800 per year. After bootcamp, 75% of those students are employed in full time programming jobs, and those same students are finding exponential growth in their earning potential, snagging positions that average them about $76,965 -- basically, a whopping 44% raise!

Ultimately, if you have the drive and motivation to learn a new skill (or brush up on one that may have become a little rusty, for whatever reason) -- it is worth it to give bootcamps like ours a closer look. Though many of our applicants are college grads with a passion for the tech industry, we are always interested in meeting students that are self-taught and motivated to make a change in their careers. Apply today and learn how our 12-week immersive .Net coding camp can further your career and benefit your professional life!