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Who Hires Coder Foundry Students?

When we speak with prospective students, many of them let us know that, aside from our rigorous curriculum, our job Placement Office is one of the main draws to our program. Undeniably, it is a great asset. Employers regularly visit our facility and have the opportunity to interview multiple students in the same day, often filling one or more of their job openings before they have even left the premises.

This morning we had the pleasure of welcoming back one of our preferred hiring partners, CaptiveAire (one of INC. magazine's Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies), to our facility. Before the student interviews started, we had a chance to sit down with Lead Software Engineer, Jesse Beard, to learn a bit more about CaptiveAire's business, what their software engineers do, and why hiring from Coder Foundry is so easy.

Tell us briefly about CaptiveAire and what your company does.

CaptiveAire is an industry innovator, developing fully integrated commercial ventilation systems that can be managed digitally to control hardware, monitor energy usage, collect data, control utility distribution, etc. Basically smart electrical systems management.

When you're hiring for open positions, what qualities do you look for in prospective employees?

We're looking for seasoned, qualified individuals, usually mid-level with a background in software engineering. We want employees that don't need a lot of hand-holding and can jump right in to their work with just a standard new-hire training program. We're also looking for people that want to stay around for a few years. We have a lot of long-term, on-going projects, and we really value company loyalty.

What kinds of projects do your software engineers work on?

All kinds of things. We have basic, on-going projects that need to be maintained and improved upon, like our Sales app, and then we have more technical projects that pop up all the time that we need experienced, more seasoned engineers to work on. It really just depends. Our engineers use technologies and frameworks like ASP.NET, MVC, AngularJS, etc.

Had you heard of the coding bootcamp model before being introduced to Coder Foundry?

No, when we were contacted by Coder Foundry last year, it was the first we had heard of the bootcamp model. We drove up [from Raleigh] to interview a group of students and see what Coder Foundry was all about, and we were pleasantly surprised and impressed with the students and the level of organization within Coder Foundry's program. Not only were we able to make a hire that day, but we were also able to add another resource for future hires to our list. And here we are today!

How does Coder Foundry fit in to your overall hiring strategy for software engineers?

We do use recruiters and other hiring channels, but Coder Foundry offers us the ease and convenience of being able to interview a whole group of capable, qualified, motivated students at once, and that is a huge draw for us. 

Having recently hired one of our graduates (Chris Mohan), do you feel that Coder Foundry students are well-prepared to jump right in to positions at CaptiveAire?

Absolutely. Chris has been great. He really only needed about a week to train, then he was ready to hit the ground running just like we had hoped. His skill set and background were a great match for us, he's already finished a big project since he's been with the company. He's a nice guy too -- that definitely helps. It's not always just about a technical fit for a position; a personality fit is important too. He has been great for us in both areas.

Are you with a company that is interested in setting up interviews with Coder Foundry students? Perhaps you want to learn more about the skills our students may be able to bring to your organization? Take a look at our Placement Services page for more information, and please feel free to reach out to us if you have additional questions! We are confident that we can help match you with a talented programmer (or programmers!) that will be a tremendous asset to your team.