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Who is the Ideal Candidate for the Coder Foundry Master Class?

The Coder Foundry's Master Class is a 12-week intensive coding boot camp that will prepare its students for a lifetime career in programming. 

But who qualifies for the Master Class? That's not an easy question to answer, because there are a number of factors that can make a candidate successful in our course. Here are some types of students who have historically thrived with us and gone on to do impressive work in the field: 

  • Computer science graduates: An undergraduate degree is a wonderful place to start, but it's hardly the end of the road when it comes to your coding education. Even specialized students often find it necessary to undergo a more intense, experiential form of learning. Our Master Course is perfect for you because we can give you the hands-on time you need with the most in-demand programs out there.
  • Graduates of our Apprentice Class: Students who have graduated from our Apprentice Class have learned the basics they need to succeed in the Master Class. Many of these students came into the Coder Foundry with no experience whatsoever and are now on the path to an exciting and long lasting career.
  • Professionals: Other Master Course students have already enjoyed careers in related IT professions and are looking to master new, more relevant languages and programs that can take them to new heights.
  • Self-taught students: Finally, some of our students began their careers as amateur coders who learned the programming basics in their spare time. The wonderful thing about these individuals is the diversity of experience they bring to the field -- many come from a completely unrelated area of expertise, and still others are recent high school graduates.

The most important qualities a Master Course student can possess is ambition, intelligence and curiosity. If you think you fit the bill and want to become a professional coder, then apply today.