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Why Coder Foundry Treats Students Like Employees

To us, bootcamp is about more than just learning to code (although that is a BIG part of it). When we bring a student into the Coder Foundry program, we hope to mold them into an employable programmer that, upon graduation, is ready for the workforce. We want them to be able to move seamlessly from Coder Foundry's bootcamp into a programming job, regardless of their background and education prior to entering our program.

That's why we have made it our mission to treat our bootcampers like employees rather than students.

As our syllabus is handed out each semester to the incoming students, it is made clear to them that Coder Foundry is run more like a workplace than a classroom. Projects are given with specific guidelines and strict deadlines. No grades are given, but rather the projects are judged on a pass/fail basis. Mentorship from instructors and other Senior Developers that are close to our bootcamp is given on a weekly basis, and students formally present their projects intermittently as they go along to receive feedback, constructive criticism, and help (much as they would in the workplace).

Long story short, we do everything in our power to ensure that students are not stuck in the proverbial "ivory tower" and are thoroughly prepared for the unique challenges of workplace structure and environment.

Recently, we received an application to our program that included a quote that made us both proud and confident that we are succeeding in our mission to connect with students and educate them on our program and our mission.

A secondary (but related) reason I want to attend Coder Foundry is the professional and honest, manner in which T.J. Jones, in a recent phone call, answered my questions about Coder Foundry. In my dealings with other coding bootcamps so far, I have not consistently experienced the same professionalism in conduct. This gives me some evidence about the culture of Coder Foundry, and in particular, evidence that its staff and faculty take their jobs seriously. Such a culture, obviously, is highly desirable for an applicant who is considering making a large investment in a coding bootcamp.

To the author of the message above, thank you for your kind words! Your trust in our professionalism is not misplaced, and all of our staff members are 100% devoted to bettering the lives of our students through education and training.

We know that transitioning into a new job can be difficult, and that's why we've tried to simplify the process by replicating the work environment within our classroom and our program. If you're interested in finding out how Coder Foundry can help hone your coding skill set and get you the perfect programming job for you, take a look at our program outline and feel free to live chat with us down at the bottom lefthand corner of your screen. We're excited to help you progress to the next milestone in your professional life.