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Why Kernersville for a Coding School?

If you take an objective look at coding schools across the United States, you might begin to notice a few trends. Most schools teach similar technologies like Ruby on Rails and Python (not us), most schools teach their courses and then let you find a job afterwards on your own (not us), and most schools are located in major metropolitan/urban centers (also not us!). Today we're here to give you a list of the top four reasons why it is awesome that we are located in beautiful Kernersville, NC.

Top 4 Reasons Kernersville, NC is the PERFECT Coding Bootcamp Location

  1. Kernersville is centrally located. Yes, despite being a small town, Kernersville is centrally located within the state of North Carolina (and really, within our region as well). Just minutes from the Piedmont Triad (Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point) of North Carolina, and about an hour out from Charlotte/Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, Kernersville is at a great spot in the state. Our location is also in fairly close proximity to the Virginia state line, and about an hour and a half down to South Carolina. For students coming from outside our immediate area, these short commutes are often a great added bonus.
  2. Amazing amount of our hiring partners within a three hour radius. From Pennsylvania all the way down to South Carolina, we have hundreds of hiring partner organizations just a hop, skip, and a jump from our facility. That means it is easy for employers to come to us to interview our students for jobs, and it is also easy for us to hop in the car and make it out to their offices on short notice! We're all for factors like this that make it easier for our students to get their perfect job at a great company.  (Note: we have hiring partners beyond this area as well, but it is worth noting that most are concentrated in this region)
  3. We share our headquarters with two amazing technology companies. Our campus is located alongside two nationally recognized technology companies, Advanced Fraud Solutions and Core Techs. Our students get the advantage of being able to be inspired by the work that these organizations do each day, giving them a peek into the professional life that they will get to enjoy after bootcamp graduation.
  4. With adjacent tech companies comes accessible mentors for our students! While we have folks from all over who help to mentor our students during and after their time at Coder Foundry, it is especially nice to have mentors on the premises for our students to have access to almost all the time. Whether they need help with a coding problem outside of class, want to learn more about what sorts of projects the mentor is working on, or simply just want some career advice from someone who has been in their shoes, out students find it incredibly helpful to be able to chat with Core Techs and Advanced Fraud Solutions developers without having to leave the building. Impromptu conversations in the halls and brainstorming sessions over lunch in our cafe happen multiple times a week, and it is great to watch our students learn and grow from these invaluable mentors.

Centrally located, hundreds of hiring partners within a three hour radius, adjacent to two related, national institutions with plenty of senior programming mentors available at the disposal of students -- what more could we ask for?! All those other coding camps can keep their high-rent urban locations, we'll stick with our bootcamp's hidden gem: Kernersville, NC.