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Why .NET?

One question some people ask is: "With so many languages out there, why teach .Net?" It's a good question, and we're going to answer it today.

In the IT industry there are many different programming languages, many of which are focused on specific companies. Some firms use Ruby, others Perl and even more focus on C#, C++ or Java. So we why we put emphasis on .Net? The answer is simple - because that's what businesses are using.

For the majority of companies in the United States, and especially in the thriving tech sector of the southeast, Microsoft is the leading platform being used. With full .Net support in the Windows OS, this makes it an obvious choice for a language to focus on. Microsoft platforms lead the industry for several reasons. Not only are they more mature, with more documentation and support to ensure smooth operations for companies, but they are stable, being designed for large enterprise functionality, but with equal scalability for small firms to leverage successfully.

The Microsoft technology stack is also easier to use than many open source solutions because it is easier to configure and more flexible to add additional language support to. Of course, .Net code is also less obscure and complex than other open-source languages, allowing for easier debugging and troubleshooting as well. The .Net stack also allows for the integration of many other tools. While some might argue that open source stacks are free, while .Net isn't, there are many freely available tools that work within the .Net stack that the ease of integration is well worth the initial investment.

The fact is that .Net's support, documentation and ease of use trump open source platforms for enterprise use nine times out of 10, making it the ideal focus for out classes.

Of course, not all businesses are looking to hire .Net developers, which is another argument we hear on occasion. However, that's why we use our job placement services to specifically build relationships with firms that use .Net to ensure career opportunities for our students.

Even better - we don't only offer .Net! In addition to the .Net platform, we provide courses in Angular.JS, Google's new proprietary language, and HTML 5, to get students started in web and mobile development. This provides a well rounded education in some of the top languages being used today to ensure lucrative opportunities for all of our students, regardless of what direction they are looking to go in with their career.

Contact Coder Foundry today for more information on our Apprentice Class and Master Class offerings and decide if our 12-week program is right for you. Combined with job placement and strong relationships with many of the top IT firms in the Southeast, we have a lot to offer our students.