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Why .NET is the Best Coding Language for You

When you first decide to become a coder you may be confused as to which computer language would be the most useful to learn. At the Coder Foundry, we equip you with the skills and knowledge base necessary to learn any system, but in particular we help you master .NET programming. 

We chose .NET because it is the most highly sought-after language among employers on the East Coast. Our top priority is to make you the most desirable candidate to the most number of companies, and developing expertise with .NET is definitely the first step. 

.NET is a pre-set framework that allows programmers to write code efficiently and in a practical manner. It supports languages like C#, F# and VB.NET. Because .NET is driven by Windows, the framework is constantly evolving and developing better language features, whereas other frameworks are backed by several players and can become stagnant as a result. .NET also fully integrates all of its features to make it easy to use, and Windows provides a uniquely stable platform for code writing. 

The tech website Crazy Engineers also reports, "Microsoft tools have an edge over Java for building applications that require rich graphical user interfaces and that deliver content to web browsers."

This is not to say that .NET is easier to learn than other languages. Rather, it has better functionality and versatility, which is why so many employers require that their new hires come on board with .NET experience. 

Many coding schools are choosing to teach Ruby On Rails to their students, which is baffling to us because that decreases their marketability to prospective employers. However, this trend is helpful for our students. You'll be emerging at the end of the Master Class as one of the few skilled .NET coders in the industry, and employers will reward you accordingly.