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Why You Should Become a Programmer

If you've been considering making that transition to become a professional coder, now is officially the time to do something about it. The job market for computer programmers has never been better, and the field presents a rich array of opportunities for any professional, young or old, newcomer or veteran. Here are some of the most alluring reasons for learning how to code:

  • Diverse, interesting work: As a programmer, you will have the opportunity to pursue many different career paths depending on your personal interests. Coding work can expose you to the latest technologies and most exciting, cutting-edge projects.
  • High pay: Coding jobs are among the highest paying in the country, with annual salaries typically starting around $75,000. Your eventual earnings could far surpass this amount, however, with some Google employees pulling in a yearly $280,000. If you want to be fairly compensated for your skills, this is undoubtedly a smart field to pursue.
  • Job opportunity: The demand for qualified programmers is off the charts, especially with the wide range of new tech startups that are taking on ambitious new hires. "These companies all have one problem: They can't find enough coders," noted The Wall Street Journal in a recent article. "And every modern company, regardless of industry, needs software developers. The public has taken notice of the shortage. Britain, for example, recently announced that coding would soon be core curriculum in the country's primary and secondary schools." Now is the time to pursue this opening, because young people are only just starting to be raised on code. Right now the playing field is level for everyone ranging from recent high school grads to adult professionals looking to make a career change.

All you need to start your dream career is a desire to learn and a knack for problem solving. Apply for the Coder Foundry's Master Class today to get started on your road to success.