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Will Learning One Language Limit My Job Choices?

For many beginner programmers, one of the questions they often ask is whether learning one language will limit their ability to find jobs in the technology industry. The logic is that if they learn one particular programming language, such as C#, will it hinder their career development as they apply to other jobs that may require Java, C++ or another type of code?

The first thing to remember is that C# is one of the most popular languages in use, particularly in the corporate world and when developing Microsoft applications. It is used in a variety of industries, including gaming and finance. So by learning this language, in no way are you limiting yourself to a niche application or field.

Another thing to keep in mind is that learning your first computer language is typically the most difficult. Once you have C# down, you'll be better equipped to learn other types of code, including Java, C++ and Javascript. While these languages aren't the same, and require different syntax, you'll still understand the fundamental concepts behind coding and writing software, which will help you pick them up quickly.

The classes we offer at The Coder Foundry are designed to help you get a high-paying, rewarding job, plain and simple. While university classes might focus on higher level and abstract concepts in computer science, we're focused more on helping you improve your resume and hiring prospects. We focus on improving your skills with C#, but we also teach you other subjects that will make your skill-set more robust and impressive to employers. So even if you the majority of you experience is with C#, they will know that you'll have an easy time picking up other languages.