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Yahoo Debuts New Product Designed by 18-Year-Old Coding Prodigy

The best reason to learn programming code is that your earning power rises tremendously as a result. If you're not convinced that's the case, just take a look at the story of Nick D'Aloisio, a British 18-year-old coding prodigy who sold his startup news services, Summly, to Yahoo! in 2013 for $30 million.

Summly is an app that condenses news stories to just a sentence or two so that viewers can get a sense of current affairs on the fly. D'Aloisio began developing the app when he was 15. At the time it was called "Trimit," and the young developer continued to hone his programming skills until he released Summly in 2011.

Many people who read this story would be tempted to say that D'Aloisio is a prodigy and uniquely gifted to learn how to program computers and make useful software. While it's certainly true that he seems to have an aptitude for code that others lack, what should stand out is the fact that he was able to create such a useful and successful app mostly on his own.

This is the beauty of computer programming: As long as you have a good idea and the commitment to spend time in front of your computer writing code, you can create a product that others will want to pay you to use, no matter your age or education level. All you need are programming lessons.

That's where The Coder Foundry comes in. Our intensive Apprentice-level coding classes are designed for individuals who have no prior experience writing software. After 12 weeks, you'll have the ability to join an industry-leading technology company, or you can write your own software if you have a good idea for a new program. Who knows if one day Yahoo! will come knocking at your door with an acquisition offer?