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Not All Coding Bootcamps are Created Equal

By all accounts, the coding bootcamp movement is picking up pace, growing faster than it ever has. More and more schools and programs are popping up around the world, eager to educate students on a wide variety of technologies and new media. We think that's great! We're all about education and the notion of individuals bettering themselves, learning new things, brushing up skill-sets and digging into technology. 

Choosing a coding bootcamp is all about you. When considering and ultimately selecting a program, you should take into account: where you are in life, what you want to learn, how you want to learn it, what your educational background is, what your technical background is, where you want to take your career, and what you hope the ultimate outcome of the experience is for you.

That being said, it is so very important to note that not all coding bootcamps are created equal.

Read on as we drill down some of the ways that coding bootcamps can vary from one another, and the aspects of differentiation that Coder Foundry offers at each turn.

The Basics

There are a lot of very basic ways that coding bootcamps differ: the length of the program, the technologies taught, the method of instruction, and the location (or lack-thereof, for online courses), among other things.

The Basics: Coder Foundry

Coder Foundry is a 12-week long, in-person .NET-centric (though we do teach other things, take a look at our program page for more info) coding bootcamp, currently located in Kernersville, NC. We focus on learning by doing, which is why lectures and formal class "learning" is limited to just a brief period of time each morning, followed up with plenty of time for students to hash out projects, collaborate with others, and get one-on-one help from our professor or mentors if needed.

Below the Surface

While "The Basics" are factors that you can easily compare from the outside, there are a number of variables that might not be so obvious at first glance. These are things that you might need to visit a bootcamp, or speak with a representative to notice or understand. Some of these unseen factors include:  variations in program culture, curriculum ideologies, the different levels (if applicable) of a program's application process, the types of students that apply and are ultimately admitted to a program, and additional resources/benefits offered by a school, among other things.

Below the Surface: Coder Foundry

Coder Foundry prides itself on employing a rigorous curriculum that is laser-focused on the subject matter, providing students with a structured environment to get serious about advancing their careers. Unlike a lot of bootcamps, you won't find us playing ping pong and tossing back a beer in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon. Because of this, we are able to pack more subject matter and projects into our 12-weeks than other programs of the same length (we call it "accelerated learning"). Our application process is multi-tiered, offering both our staff as well as the prospective student the opportunity to see if the program is a good fit. Applicants to our program typically have some degree of development experience or formal education, and even then, our admission rate is about 45% of the applicant pool for any given cohort (humble-brag: we've had published authors, Ivy League grads, and Fortune 500 employees grace our halls as students). We're committed to the professional development of our students, so we're always excited to offer new program features like our recently added Lunch 'N Learn Speaker Series. 


The ultimate outcomes of coding bootcamp programs can vary widely, even if every other factor up to that point has been somewhat similar. Some potential outcomes of bootcamps include: knowledge gained, certificates or certifications, a boost up into entrepreneurship, networking, job search assistance and/or job placement.

Outcomes: Coder Foundry

Though we have had a few students come through our bootcamp that were looking to start their own business or just better themselves and head back to their previous job afterwards, the majority of Coder Foundry students take advantage of our comprehensive job placement services. We don't offer a formal "certificate" or anything at the end of our program. To us, the primary reward for completing the course successfully is the fact that we will land you that perfect job afterwards. Of course, through your time here you will also reap the benefits of networking with our mentors, hiring partners, and other students, but our focus on job placement is paramount to us. 

Our program has been called a "twelve-week interview", because, essentially, that's what it is. Each Monday our students formally present their ongoing projects and coursework in an interview-style setting, fielding questions, comments, and constructive criticism from their professors and program mentors. Our mentoring team asks the same sorts of questions that would be asked in a real interview for a technical position, allowing students to practice and become confident in their answers over time. 

We work one-on-one with students throughout their time in our program to determine their capabilities, the kind of position they want, and what they would be best suited for. Our Partnership Development team then works directly with hiring partners and other employers to set up interviews (often, hiring companies will choose to have initial interviews right here on the Coder Foundry premises) for students, truly acting as the student's advocate and hiring-process liaison from beginning to end (we love watching offer letters get signed in our office!).


If you've got a programming background and happen to be looking for a rigorous .NET coding bootcamp with a challenging (and rewarding!) curriculum, we want to hear from you!  Use our Live Chat feature in the bottom right of your screen to chat with our admissions team, shoot an email to info@coderfoundry.coml to ask any detailed questions you may have, or simply apply today! The application is free and really just gets the conversation started with us, so there's nothing to lose!