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Student Success Stories: Clerk to Web Developer

Please join us in congratulating Matthew C. on graduating from Coder Foundry and landing a new job!

Prior to attending Coder Foundry Matthew was a clerk at a physicians office. Matthew wanted a career change so he registered for our Immersive Full Stack Web Developer course.

We are honored that Matthew chose us to jumstart his career! He worked closely with our instructors and job placement staff to prep for interviews and landed a new role as a Web Developer.

Watch Matthew's story, in his own words.

Prior to coming to Coder Foundry I was working at a physician’s office doing paper work, managing schedules - nothing really coding based.

It was not really what I wanted to be doing.

I’ve been into computers for a long time, and I have a lot of friends who got into programming, and they encouraged me to try my hand at it.

I came here with the intent to just dive into it. I figured that as long as I was in an environment where I could dive in and focus and have someone who could direct me I could get all the skills.

The biggest challenge for me really was syntax, jumping into it, because I really didn’t have a basis for what exactly any of the keywords did.

But putting them together, once I figured out what was going on - yeah - to have something be built, when you sat there and worked through all the different parts that go into it, that’s pretty satisfying. That was the fun part.

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