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The Past, Present, and Future of Women in Tech

The Past

Women were the innovators in software development. As the NY Times Magazine writes:

Almost 200 years ago, the first person to be what we would now call a coder was, in fact, a woman: Lady Ada Lovelace.

As a young mathematician in England in 1833, she met Charles Babbage, an inventor who was struggling to design what he called the Analytical Engine, which would be made of metal gears and able to execute if/then commands and store information in memory.

Enthralled, Lovelace grasped the enormous potential of a device like this. A computer that could modify its own instructions and memory could be far more than a rote calculator, she realized.

To prove it, Lovelace wrote what is often regarded as the first computer program in history, an algorithm with which the Analytical Engine would calculate the Bernoulli sequence of numbers.

Lovelace and many other pioneering women are profiled in the article, including Mary Allen Wilkes, and of course, Grace Hopper.

The Present

Today only about 16% of software developers are women. But there is a bright spot. Unlike most white-collar professions that have a gender pay gap (doctors and lawyers for example), women in tech get paid equally to men.

According to a study by Dice:

“Gender plays no role in compensation for technology professionals. That statement may seem shocking, however according to analysis of Dice’s annual salary survey data of more than 16,000 tech professionals, when comparing equal education levels, years of technical experience and job title, no gap exists.”

We hope good news like that will attract more women back to the career they helped define a generation ago.

The Future

We are proud to be part of the career journey of so many women who attended Coder Foundry and broke in the tech industry.

We’ve seen women from all career paths, and from all ages learn to code and get a job.

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