Work Location: NYC, NY
Full Time Employment Status: Continuous
Salary: Commensurate with qualifications
Program Name: Information Technology - Software Developer
Hours Per Week: Full-time, salaried position
Work Schedule: This is a 48-week, school-year position;   Salaried position, hours may vary.

Benefits Summary:

  • Health and dental insurance for all family members
  • Life and long-term disability insurance
  • 403(B) tax deferred annuity program
  • Paid holidays, personal and sick leave

Position Summary Information

This position is responsible for increasing student learning through delivering a relevant and progressive curriculum, designing and implementing effective learning strategies and environments, delivering instruction of high quality, assessing student learning, and participating in Coder Foundry activities. Competencies and tasks of the position will be consistent with the educational principles of Coder Foundry that focus on meeting the learning needs of students.

The Software Developer program is designed to shape novices into solid programmers and to give experienced practitioners an opportunity to formalize and shore up their knowledge. See program information at: www.coderfoundry.com

Courses are continually updated and tailored to provide students with the background and techniques to become responsible and effective programmers. Courses focus on hands-on training, best practices, and practical application with .NET, Java, Angular and other modern web development tools.


  • Provide instruction in computer programming.
  • Assist in the design, writing and implementation/alignment of performance-based curriculum and course delivery strategies.
  • Plan for instruction.
  • Facilitate student learning and deliver instruction.
  • Manage the classroom or learning site effectively.
  • Assist with recruitment of students.
  • Assess student learning.
  • Engage students in the learning process.
  • Assist with course/program evaluation and continuous improvement.
  • Communicate and maintain positive relations with internal and external Coder Foundry community.
  • Demonstrate commitment to customer service standards.
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues 
  • Pursue on-going professional development.
  • Work in a team environment with the ability to support a cohesive and productive departmental atmosphere, which may include reaching consensus at team meetings, making budget decisions, scheduling classes, maintaining the lab, and being involved with Coder Foundry-wide activities.
  • Relate successfully with students and staff of diverse cultural, social, or educational backgrounds.
  • Portray a positive attitude towards the students in a success-oriented learning environment.
  • Be receptive to teaching day and/or evening classes as necessary to support the program.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to plan, organize, instruct, and facilitate educational courses of quality.
  • Ability to utilize technology that supports learning and teaching.
  • Ability to work with students in both one-on-one and group instruction situations.
  • Ability to demonstrate computer application skills and use technology in communication.
  • Ability to develop computer-assisted instructional units, to develop digital presentations, and to use multi-media presentation stations.
  • Highly effective interpersonal skills to engage and inspire students, and to work with others at all educational and professional levels.
  • Ability to effectively convey thoughts and concepts.
  • Current knowledge of and demonstrated proficiency in subject area.
  • Flexibility in schedule, including availability for day, evening, weekend, and summer assignments at various locations as appropriate.

Training and Experience


  • Experience in cross platform application development utilizing the following:
    • Microsoft application development tools
    • Software Development kits for: Java, Microsoft and Angular
    • Web application development with: Java, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, XHTML, PHP, XML, .NET-ASP
  • Minimum of two years of experience developing applications in two or more major languages and/or platforms.
  • Experience in a professional position that requires that you work with the same programming language(s) you are applying to teach; with relevant, current experience using highly effective oral and written communication to convey conceptual and complex ideas and information.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or related field
  • Prior teaching experience
  • Skilled in developing and revising course content
  • Proficient in using online teaching tools
  • Experience with relational databases and their management tools: SQL Server, MySQL, 
  • Experience with Business Intelligence including SQL Server Reporting Services or Crystal Reports

In evaluating candidates for this position, Coder Foundry may consider a combination of education, training, and experience which provides the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to perform duties of position.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

It is Coder Foundry’s policy to recruit, hire, promote, compensate, train and extend other privileges of employment without regard to an individual’s gender, race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, complaint of discrimination, participation in any investigation or proceeding regarding a complaint of discrimination or any other legally protected status. Coder Foundry will consider disability only to the extent that it affects an individual’s ability to perform the essential functions of a job, with or without reasonable accommodation. Coder Foundry does not permit discrimination, on any basis prohibited by applicable law.

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