The following positions are currently open:


We’re looking for .NET C# and JavaScript mentors. With a light schedule, opportunities to shape the program, and eager-to-learn students, The Coder Foundry is a great place to enhance and develop the future of programming.


Here are the values we look for in a qualified mentor:

  • Think, don't copy: Ingenuity rather than reciprocity. Anyone can learn to copy code from a book and make it work. We are looking for someone to teach a candidate who can solve problems different from those they’ve seen before, and can bring something new to the table.
  • Quality over quantity: Having many mediocre applicants isn’t what we’re looking for; we want access to the most qualified handful of candidates, which is why we limit class size to twenty.
  • Projects over labs: Mentors rather than instructors. Instructors teach facts from a book to get students to pass a test, mentors mold students with real-life projects and scenarios to allow them to succeed in life.


Our mentors help students think outside the box and cultivate their programming skills. As a Mentor, you’ll also have a say in the direction and development of curriculum and cutting-edge technology. Teaching just three, three-month semesters each year affords you the opportunity to work on personal projects, open source projects, or get involved in the projects we’re building and launching. With the remainder of your time, you’ll have light duties with Coder Foundry, such as updating curriculum and recruiting new candidates for future classes for Coder Foundry.

Each class will have no more than twenty students. You’ll also have access to an administrator who will handle all the behind the scenes operations that come with running a successful program.


  • An initiator who takes leadership and ownership of your responsibilities
  • Proficiency and extensive experience in C# and JavaScript
  • Aptitude for communication and explaining complex material in an understandable way.
  • Your passion aligns with our values and fits well with the culture of our program.
  • Are committed to filling the gap in qualified, available developer candidates.


Competitive, full-time developer salary, 100% paid benefits, and profit sharing accompany the ample time to pursue personal projects, open source work, and more between semesters.


Email us and tell us why you’re the best candidate for this position. Be sure to include: 

  • Where you live and whether you are willing to relocate
  • A link to your GitHub profile 
  • Portfolio or examples of work