Hired By Microsoft


A Coder Foundry teacher shared about his student’s journey from novice to Microsoft employee.

We were all touched by the story, and we think it will inspire your career dreams.

Unfortunately, the teacher’s post is on LinkedIn and can only be viewed by people connected to the teacher. However, here are a few brief excerpts:

“Patrick started the boot-camp with a lot of promise and a little self-doubt. With some coaching, Patrick became a leader in the cohort and proved every day just how smart and capable he really was. He quickly became the class favorite among the other students. Not a shock.

The cohort ended in September 2017. He and I met several times after the cohort ended to prepare for the various interviews that he had lined up. In March of 2018, he landed his first job as a Tech Lead. Just 5 months after completing a coding bootcamp. Impressive.

What is more impressive is that within 12 months of completing the cohort, Patrick applied at Microsoft again. This time the conversation was a little different. He completed a phone screen, flew to Redmond for an all-day interview, flew back home with no idea of the outcome, only to hear from the recruiter 2 weeks later that he got the job. What a story.

So I would like to take this time to congratulate Patrick for achieving and living his dream in very short order. Today is day 4 for him on the Redmond campus.”

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