Your next three steps is to complete the Javascript exercises below

Once completed, enter your links in the form at the bottom of the page and an admissions counselor will reach out to you with your next steps.



Complete: all Fundamentals I exercises. This will give you a solid base knowledge of functions, variables, arrays, operators, loops and much more.

Submit: No need to send us anything once you have completed all the exercises.

10 days of Javascript


Complete: all 10 days. You can complete them at your own pace. You do not need to take 10 days - they can be competed much faster if you feel comfortable.

Submit: Codepen link for the 10th day exercise (To-Do List). You do not need to submit days 1-9 codepens.

publish on netlify


Complete: work through the eleven minute video and code along.

Submit: your published Netlify website link.

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