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5 StraightForward Steps To LAUNCHING Your Coding career

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Programming is the most lucrative and flexible profession you can work in today.

But because the job hunt for programmers is so different than other careers, you won't find any books that can teach you how to land a high-paying job writing code.

That's where we come in.

At Coder Foundry we teach new and experienced coders modern programming languages, and we place our graduates into new jobs. Because we work with hundreds of students and employers we know exactly what it takes to win a new gig, even if you're competing against candidates with more experience or education.


During this live online event, we'll show you exactly what it takes to break into coding, or level up your career and score a higher position.

This training will uncover the well-worn steps you need to take get hired, so you can have clarity about your future, and take control of your career as a programmer. This is the same career framework we teach our full-time students in Coder Foundry. 

Our goal during this training is simple. We want to blow you away with useful, tactical education. We want you to make strides in getting your next coding job, even if you never attend one of our bootcamp sessions


Here's What You Can Expect:

1. The specific skills hiring managers are looking for on your resume.

2. How to boost your confidence so you can ace the technical interview.

3. Why "success" at your last job won't impress the boss at your next job.

4. How to compete against more experienced job candidates.

5. How to compete against younger job candidates.

6. A simple trick for choosing the next programming language you should learn.

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