Roadmap Step 4: Win the Technical Interview

The technical interview is the part of the job hunt most developers focus on.

"If I can just get an employer to see how skilled I am, I'll land a great job" is the thinking.

The technical interview also causes you the most worry. What if you're not as smart as you think you are? What if they "expose" you with a particularly tough question?


In reality, the technical interview is the easy part. 

If you've followed the other steps in the roadmap you can easily take control of the interview and prove that you're the right person for the job.

If you've chosen an in-demand language (like we advised in step 1!) you'll have your pick of many different jobs. Your entire career won't rest on a single interview at a single company.

If you've built a winning portfolio (that's step 3!) then you won't have to memorize technical trivia. You'll be able to impress with projects that matter to a business.

And if you've learned your skills the right way (step 2!) you'll have confidence that you can contribute to a company on day one. And that confidence will show to the interviewer.


The Biggest Interviewing Tip - Show Your Code

Hiring managers will typically prepare a list of 50 coding questions to quiz you on.

Your job is not answer all of them. Instead take control of the interview by showing your code.

How do you do that? Simply listen to the first question then show an example from your portfolio that demonstrates knowledge or expertise in that area.

This technique helps you prepare for the interview with confidence. You won't have to spend the night before the interview brushing up on every "gotcha" question you can think of. Instead, you can rehearse the story of how you built your portfolio applications, and why you made certain decisions.


The technical interview is won weeks before you ever meet with an employer.

If you follow the right process the interview becomes more of a formality than a make-or-break event. All of the work is done before you ever get the interview call.

At Coder Foundry we focus on making you the best candidate for a job. So everything we give you prepares you for the single moment you're in a board room, showing off your code to a company.

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