Have you heard about the “talent gap” for programmers?

According to Code.org, there are 586,107 job opening for programmers in the United States. Employers are hungry to hire entry-level and seasoned coders, but they can’t find the right people.

Why is that happening?

At Coder Foundry we find that even the smartest and most capable programmers shoot themselves in the foot during the job hunt.

We put together a New Job Roadmap that helps you avoid all of the mistakes software developers make when they apply for jobs.   

Every Profession has a career roadmap

Every profession has a clear path for starting out. For example, if you want to be a medical doctor, here's exactly what you have to do:

  • Get a Bachelor's degree
  • Pass the MCAT
  • Complete medical school
  • Earn a medical license
  • Complete a residency

Most careers also have clear paths to advancement. For example, you're a college professor and you want to reach "tenure", here's exactly what you have to do:

  • Spend 6 years teaching at one university
  • Submit your research or work to be published
  • Collect third-party endorsements of your scholarship
  • Ask your department for a tenure review


So what's the path to starting or advancing a programming career?

Here's our Roadmap, laid out in 5 blog posts:

1. Choose an in-demand programming language
2. Learn new skills rapidly
3. Build a winning portfolio
4. Ace the technical interview
5. Network with hiring managers

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