New Trend: Grow Your Coding Talent In-House

Corporate training is rising as an alternative and to recruiting software developers.

Companies are deciding to upskill current workers rather than participate in a bidding war to lure a seasoned software developer away from his current job.

This trend is a reflection of the changing need in enterprise software development.

In the past the most valuable developer was mono-skilled in the intricacies of the coding languages that power your company’s most critical software.

Today, a new type of developer is needed - one who can quickly understand a software project requirements and translate that into the business logic of an application. In other words, an accountant who knows how to code can build better accounting software than a rock star developer who has never seen a balance sheet in his life.

Pinterest goes as far as hiring promising non-coders and training them to be developers. It turns out their education in topics other than Computer Science has come in handy:

“[Pinterest] believes apprentices’ nontraditional backgrounds have helped them approach design and user experience a different way. [Pinterest] credits Tavarez’s economics degree, for instance, for helping her optimize decisions with limited resources.”

Other tech companies following this trend include Microsoft, LinkedIn, AirBnB, Visa, and more.

So, the question is, when will you begin growing your own tech talent?

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