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The Fastest Growing, Highest Paying Career in North Carolina 


Tracey McCain:

Check this out. When you think about potential career paths you might think doctor, lawyer, politician, auto repair, maybe even news anchor, but what about coding?

It's a growing industry and it could be considered an alternative to those traditional careers. This morning Bobby Davis, the co-founder of Coder Foundry joins us this morning.

So, give us an idea of what coding is.

Bobby Davis:

Well, coding is the simple method of building web applications or software for people to use and consume.

So, you need those skills to be able to build these applications much like your Gmail, or your Microsoft Word that you've used.

Someone actually sat down and wrote the code to make those things function.

Tracey McCain:

And so, you teach people how to write code.

Bobby Davis:

How to build those things, yes exactly.

Tracey McCain:

Nice. See, I knew you could simplify it for us!

So, talk about this alternative to traditional education works.

Bobby Davis:

So, one of the things that coding bootcamps are doing right now is, we're asking the fundamental question, "Why does it take me five to six years to learn how to do something?"

And, "Can I do that in a quicker, more compressed fashion?"

And bootccamps allow you to do that in a 12 week period.

The difference is, is we teach them eight to nine hours every single day, five days a week, and we call that immersion.

And that's why it works, because you sit there and you learn how to code every single hour, of every day for 12 weeks.

Tracey McCain:

It sounds pretty intense.

Bobby Davis:

It is intense. Yes, it is.

Tracey McCain:

What type of jobs and careers are we looking into after you put in that type of investment?

Bobby Davis:

Entry level, typically $50k to $60k.

Tracey McCain:


Bobby Davis:

Pretty good if you're just starting out, or if you're trying to transition to a new career.

The trick is three to four years doing this, it's north of $100 you’re getting paid.

Tracey McCain:


Bobby Davis:

So, this is a great career to be in. If you look right now on you can look at web application development, there are 1700 to 2000 positions open across North Carolina.

Tracey McCain:


Bobby Davis:

So, from Charlotte to Raleigh.

Tracey McCain:

Maybe we should have started with, "Earn $100,000 in a year." Everybody would have been talking.

Bobby Davis:


Tracey McCain:

Thank you Bobby Davis so much for joining us.

Bobby Davis:

Thank you.

3 Reasons Why Switching Careers to Coding is a Smart Choice

A study by Payscale found that "Full Stack Software Developer" is the fastest growing job in America. Tech CEO Bobby Davis breaks down 3 benefits of having a coding career that you may not have considered.

So, hands down the best career in America right now is in coding.

But not just any kind of coding.

The fastest growing job title last year was Full Stack Application Developer.

It’s amazing growth that no one saw coming.

The government made a prediction about the growth of coding jobs. But companies ended up hiring 65% more developers than predicted.

They should have just asked me!

I’ve started 3 software companies, and I have a hard time filling positions in every one of them.

It’s crazy - I have to hire headhunters and pay them a huge commission to find a developer. But devs are already happily working in a good job so I have to lure them away with a high salary.

That’s why I say:

“Coding is the Economic Mobilizer of our Time.”

There are 3 aspects to having a coding career that no other job can match right now.

Number 1: “Salary Freedom”

The average salary for a Computer Programmer is $80k a year.

That’s 30 thousand more than the average salary of an American worker.

Depending on where you live, 80k is enough for a family to have just one working spouse.

One of my favorite things I like to hear from Coder Foundry graduates is

“I just got a raise or I got hired at my second job and now I make enough to retire my spouse”.

That’s really powerful. And it’s only one aspect that makes this career amazing.

Number 2: “Location Freedom”

Think about it.

If you work in finance, you are probably going to live in New York, Chicago, or Charlotte. If you work in energy then you’re going to be in Texas. If you work in film then you’re going to be in LA.

(Yes, there are exceptions, but they are small. Most professions have certain regions and cities that you are forced to live in.)

Coding is different.

There’s a company in a small town in South Carolina that makes lighting for factories.

Recently they started building the software that powers those lights. And now the software has become the main part of their business.

This manufacturing company in small city needs developers. As a matter of fact, they hired a Coder Foundry student.

But multiply their story times every business.

If you know how to code, you can move anywhere and get hired.

Sometimes you can even work from home.

No other career is like that.

Number 3: “Job Freedom”

The average job length for a developer is 3 years.

When you look at a developer resume, you’ll see they’ve had like 4 jobs in the last 10 years.

In any other career that’s a bad thing. But in software, it’s almost a red flag to see one developer at a job too long.

So imagine this:

You’re working at a job and the work is just crummy. You’re not learning, you're not growing, and your boss gives you unrealistic deadlines.

So you open up LinkedIn and list yourself as “open for opportunities”.

Later that day recruiters contact you. Some want to talk immediately. Others want to take you to lunch to talk about your goals.

Others want to submit you right now for a job they have.

This is the life of a developer. You are never, ever stuck in your current job.

There is no better career in America than as a Software Developer.

Even if you like your current job, I highly suggest that you become a designer who codes, a salesperson who codes, or an accountant who codes.

And if you want to learn how to do that, I created a school that can help you.

Click above to learn more about Launchpad, our new “job guarantee program”.