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If you want to make more money in a job that you actually enjoy — where you get to create innovative new products that have the potential to change lives for the better — the best thing you can do is take computer programming classes at The Coder Foundry.

We can hook you up with a job after you finish.

Our recruiting team can help you land a job after you finish our classes. Our career center focuses on finding a position that fits your interests, where you'll learn to use your brand new skills. Whether you want to create new video games, write financial software or create the next big social network, we'll get you into the right company.

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Top Ranked Coding Bootcamp

Coder Foundry was ranked one of the top coding bootcamps in the South. Check out the recent article at Hack App to learn more.

Our graduates get Jobs.

Our Masters Course boasts a 100% job placement rate within 90 days of graduation. No gimmicks, no loopholes, no jokes. You complete the course, we help you get the job!

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YouTuber Cheers, Kevin delivers a fantastic treatise on how learning to solve problems with code will better prepare you for a job in web and software development. Do you agree?

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NerdWallet examined the nation’s 370 largest metropolitan areas to find the best places for tech jobs. All of the top 10 places for tech jobs feature more opportunities than the national average of 18 tech jobs for every 1,000 employees. The tech workers on their list are paid very well — every metro area on their list has a relatively higher average salary than the national mean of just under $70,500. Two North Carolina cities made the list.

Coder Foundry - Different Coding Bootcamps

Not All Coding Bootcamps Are Created Equal

By all accounts, the coding bootcamp movement is picking up pace, growing faster than it ever has. More and more schools and programs are popping up around the world, eager to educate students on a wide variety of technologies and new media. That being said, it is important to note that not all coding bootcamps are created equal.