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If you want to make more money in a job that you actually enjoy — where you get to create innovative new products that have the potential to change lives for the better — the best thing you can do is take computer programming classes at The Coder Foundry.

We can hook you up with a job after you finish.

Our recruiting team can help you land a job after you finish our classes. Our career center focuses on finding a position that fits your interests, where you'll learn to use your brand new skills. Whether you want to create new video games, write financial software or create the next big social network, we'll get you into the right company.

Why choose Coder Foundry?

Top Ranked Coding Bootcamp

Coder Foundry was ranked one of the top coding bootcamps in the South. Check out the recent article at Hack App to learn more.

Our graduates get Jobs.

Our Masters Course boasts a 100% job placement rate within 90 days of graduation. No gimmicks, no loopholes, no jokes. You complete the course, we help you get the job!

Hear what our graduates have to say!

Are you ready to talk to a real person? Call us at (336) 231-8632 or schedule a call by clicking here. Our friendly staff can answer all your questions!

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Coder Foundry Instructor Spotlight - Thomas Parrish

Instructor Spotlight: Thomas Parrish

You would be hard-pressed to find a Coder Foundry student or alum that doesn't have great things to say about their experience in our program. In fact, one of our former bootcampers loved his experience so much that he stayed on to join our staff! Everyone, meet Thomas Parrish.

Should I apply to Coder Foundry?

Basic Prerequisites for Coder Foundry's Program

Are you wondering if you're a good fit for Coder Foundry's Master Class? We've put together a straight forward list of prerequisites that we like all of our incoming students to meet. If you don't meet all of the requirements yet, don't worry! We've also listed some helpful resources for you to check out to get yourself up to speed.

Stepping Outside of the Comfort Zone of Traditional Education

Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone of Traditional Education

Last week we introduced you to Anne Martinez, a current student in our Master Class. Through her website, she has been sharing her experience at Coder Foundry and detailing some of the trials, tribulations and successes that she has had as she works her way through the program. In our re-post of her "Week-Nine-of-Twelve" blog post, she summarizes the thought process that allowed her to get out of her own head, abandon the hard-and-fast comfort zone of "traditional education," and learning to adapt to the bootcamp method of comprehension.