Coder Foundry Course Financing Options

Start Free with a 6 Month Tuition Deferment

Once you’ve been accepted at Coder Foundry, our financing partners can provide simple and affordable loans to help you meet your career goals. 

Payment on the principle of the loan will be deferred while you attend the course. This allows you to completely focus on gaining your new skills, building your portfolio, and practicing for technical interviews. 

Some of our partners provide a living stipend while you are enrolled.

And If our program is not right for you, withdraw during the first 2 weeks and your loan will be cancelled.

Apply today, or contact us if you have additional questions. 

Financing available through Meritize

Financing available through Meritize

Financing available through Meritize. With a Meritize loan, you can improve your loan terms by sharing your academic profile. Providing your transcript – whether high school, partial or full college or previous skills-based school experience – lets Meritize use your learning history to enhance your credit evaluation and improve your loan options. 

Apply directly at

Financing through Climb provides full tuition coverage, no pre-payment penalty, same day decisions, and an affordable fixed rate.

Loans come with 3 year terms, to help make your monthly payment manageable. Apply today to check your rate—submitting an application is commitment-free and has no impact on your credit.

Visit to apply.