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Our students leave Coder Foundry with everything they need to start their career. In addition to preparing all of our graduates for a job in full stack .NET development, we spend time with each student each week to develop interview skills that will set them apart from other candidates, holding mock interviews each week to sharpen their soft skills as well as preparing them for tough questions on development many interviewers will ask.

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You learn by doing. You have these problems that you encounter in your code and for the most part you are encouraged to try to figure them out on your own. But that’s the model - just putting your nose to the grindstone and doing it. That’s how you learn, and it works.
Since I have come to Coder Foundry I have learned so much stuff! My programming skills were pretty minimal. I had only done a few tutorials through Codecademy and various other things on the internet, so I really didn’t know much about C# at all.

Coming in to the program I wasn’t sure where I stood. But you know I feel very confident now that I’m able to approach a problem and I can find a solution.
— DJ, February 2016
Being able to get through this rigorous program was a really exhilarating feeling.
— Jonathan, June 2015
Bootcamps are serious things! The main thing I like is that I come here, I stay here, I’m dedicating all, each and every minute that I’m here into coding. I know the seriousness.
— Hema, February 2016
With Coder Foundry, you get more personal attention than I ever got at a university. At graduation, Coder Foundry recruiters placed me into my current job.
— Chris, September 2014
I learned a lot compared to going to college and getting a degree. I learned more in a month compared to four years at the university I went to.

— A, March 2016
Working on projects instead of just reading textbooks or working on homework has given me an even larger set of skills that I can take with me to the workplace immediately.
— - Qi, June 2015
Coder Foundry offered mentorship which is what I valued the most out of my experience here.
— Bryant, June 2015
I would recommend Coder Foundry to someone who is having a hard time finding the job they want that also has a little bit of experience. So if you know your stuff but just need a push in the right direction, then Coder Foundry is perfect for you.
— Charles, September 2014
The hard work and the sacrifice was all worth it.
— Peter, December 2014
After completing the course, I am proud to say that I feel that I have mastered back-end development. My skill set has grown exponentially.
— Kenneth, December 2014
I found out that I had the right kind of logic for coding. I was really excited to try it out for myself, and to create my own websites.
— Courtney, August 2015
I know I could have searched the internet... but still, it’s not the same. You’re going to take a long time, maybe a year, before until you get very good at it. Here, they guide you.
— Rasik, March 2015
Coder Foundry’s Job skill and career preparation, really stood out from other programs. I am actually excited to get up in the morning and code, and feel empowered to do the work.
— Elliot, September 2015
This is going to make a huge difference in determining where I go next. It is so neat to be able to have more than just a business card to show potential employers.
— Eric, September 2015

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