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Employer Spotlight: Why CaptiveAire Hires Coder Foundry Grads

We love to hear back from the employers that hire our grads; it seems like they always have great things to say!

This week, we had the pleasure of hearing back from an employer that placed one of our December 2014 Graduates, Chris Mohan. Here is an excerpt of some of the kind words that Jesse, the Lead Software Engineer over at CaptiveAire had to say about working with Coder Foundry to find the perfect employee:

"CaptiveAire is always seeking high-quality, talented developers that demonstrate a pure, born-developer mentality.  Finding this talent has been difficult; especially in the past couple of years.  After many interview cycles with many candidates as well as working with numerous recruiting agencies, we were not having a lot of luck. Then, Coder Foundry appeared on our radar.  With a single phone call, I had six impressive resumes on my desk and an interview with each student scheduled.  

The thing that makes Coder Foundry great for CaptiveAire is that we were allowed to come to their offices and spend most of a day interviewing the soon to be graduating class of developers.  Each student demonstrated the applications developed as part of the curriculum as the bulk of their interview with stop-n-go question asking along the way.  Each student introduced themselves in a highly professional manner and demonstrated numerous skills learned.  This is a huge benefit as it allowed us to pack into a single day numerous interviews with varying levels of talent and personalities.  I’m happy to say we were able to make a hire from this very productive day and will continue this in the future as a major source of talent for CaptiveAire.

We feel Coder Foundry offers something unique in that from the very beginning, you know you are working with candidates that are serious about their continued, successful career.  It really makes a difference and eliminates a lot of spent cycles interviewing.  In addition, Coder Foundry is able to provide a lot of insight into their candidates as they spend a lot of time together over the weeks."

If you represent an employer that is interested in interviewing and/or hiring some great .NET bootcamp graduates with a ton of talent; give us a call (336-231-8632)!  We are always interested in speaking with potential partner organizations and helping them to see the true value that a Coder Foundry bootcamp education has in the workplace.