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Five Programming Languages That are Dying

In the developer world, it is well known that aging programming languages can either maintain their popularity and stay the course, or they can die out completely in favor of new, innovative languages. Recently, posted an article listing five languages that they believe are marked for death in the near future (i.e. don't waste your time learning these if you haven't already, folks!).

The article calls out Perl, Visual Basic.NET, Adobe Flash and AIR, Delphi's Object Pascal, and most notably, Ruby. The inclusion of Ruby struck us as important as we still see other coding bootcamps out there teaching Ruby as the cornerstone of their coursework. On the subject of Ruby, the article states:

"In April 2011, Twitter announced that they had rewritten much of their code in order to move away from Ruby and its popular Web framework, Ruby on Rails, claiming the platforms were inefficient. That, I would argue, was the day Ruby started to die; over the past three and a half years, interest had begun to wane. If you love Ruby, you can thank Twitter for its demise." 

At Coder Foundry, we work hard to stay on top of industry trends, incorporating new languages into our coursework as needed and ensuring that no focus is given to dying languages. This gives our students a step up over their competition for jobs as they are receiving the most relevant education possible for the job market they are entering.

Read the original article, "5 Programming Languages Marked for Death," on's blog, here.