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Student Success Stories - A Yang

Please join us in congratulating A Yang!

When A discovered Coder Foundry he already had a Computer Science degree from UNC Charlotte. What he needed was training in an in-demand stack, and a professional portfolio of applications.

A's hard work and dedication paid off. Our Director of Education, Andrew Jensen taught him more in 4 weeks than he learned in 4 years of college. Then our Director of Job Placement, Natosha Sanders found a great position for him.

Watch A tell his story below:

"My name is A Yang. Before I came to Coder Foundry I was a Computer Science graduate from UNC Charlotte." 

"I thought, I have to do this. I have to take another step in my life to actually do what I want instead of doing something that's just 'I just go to work' and get paid for something I don't like."

"I learned a lot compared to going to college and getting a degree. I learned more in a month compared to four years at the university I went to."

"For me literally I code every day. I code 10 hours a day. From 9-5 I add an extra 3 hours after that."

"You have to be dedicated in order to be part of Coder Foundry and achieve your goals. "

"After I graduate from Coder Foundry I will looking for a job as a software developer here in Charlotte or wherever it takes me."

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