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Student Success Stories: Poli. Sci. Major to .NET Developer

Please join us in congratulating Sanyu G!

Sanyu studied Political Science at UNC Charlotte, but during her studies became interested in learning how to build web applications. 

Sanyu studied the job market and found that C# developers are in high demand.

Sanyu registered for Coder Foundry, worked hard, built a professional portfolio of applications, and became fluent in five coding languages.

Sanyu landed a job as a .NET Developer and we are extremely proud and grateful to be part of her career journey.

Watch Sanyu's story in her own words:

"I studied public policy and political science, and after doing that for a while and doing campaign work for a while I decided that I wanted to instead pursue software development.

As a career what I want to think about, what I do want to have livable wage, and I want to just have a better lifestyle and enjoy going to work every day and be excited to go do something.

I didn't know which language to really focus on, or which path to really focus on.

Looking online I would see a lot of articles that said SQL and C# were at least among the top three languages that you should really look into and try to specialize in so that's why I got geared in this direction.

So this whole time, I've been thinking I want to learn to code so badly and I eventually just bit the bullet and was like, I'm just going to commit to it, I'm just going to do it, and did my research and I found that Coder Foundry was definitely the best option for me.

I really enjoyed that Natosha is here whose responsibility is finding us the right companies to work for. I thought that was really unique.

The weekly interviews, the mock interviews - that seemed really appealing to me because I get to practice doing technical interviews every week, and so when it's time for me to actually do it I'm not as nervous and not as like lost as to what I'm supposed to do."

Want to launch your coding career like Sanyu? Request a course syllabus and see if Coder Foundry is a good fit for you.