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Coder Foundry and Github... Why Use It?

If you've taken a moment to look at our course pages, you may have noticed that The Coder Foundry uses Github to store your coding projects. For those who have never programmed before, you may be wondering what Github is and why it's such an important part of our classes.

The way to think of Github is as a central repository where you keep any programs that you are writing. In essence, it is no different from something like Google Docs or Microsoft's OneDrive, in the sense that you can work on a piece of programming and then store your changes in a central place that can be accessed from anywhere.

Github is built on a technology called Git, which makes this whole process easier. Prior to Git, if you wanted to work a piece of code or a file that was stored in a central location, you would need to log onto that system to edit the project. This could be a problem if the project you're working on is too complex to be run over the internet (for example, a game or scientific software that requires a lot of processing power). Git changed that by allowing users to download the entire project to their local computer, make changes, and then upload those changes back to the original document.

With Github, you can write code and store it online. When you want to access it again, you go to Github and download the repository of code to your local computer, where you can continue making changes.

By learning Github with The Coder Foundry, you'll be better equipped to find a job after graduation, as thousands of information technology companies use Github for their software design projects. Github will make your coding more organized, and by the end of your class you will have an impressive Github portfolio to show off for prospective employers.