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Coder Foundry Graduate Spotlight: Johnny Lee

There's no denying it; we have some AWESOME alumni. Not only are they bright and talented, but they come from all walks of life with all kinds of interesting stories. This week we're profiling another one of our December 2014 grads, Johnny Lee. 

Johnny came to us as an Ivy League graduate with a background in the Finance industry. Having previously completed his Bachelor's degree at Babson College and his Masters degree in Financial Engineering at Columbia University, he came to us in search of a practical, hands-on brush up in .Net coding (and other technologies) to complement his impressive formal education. 

"I was excited to learn some new things," Johnny said of his time at Coder Foundry. "During boot camp, I mastered MVC and web apps, and I got the rationale of using SQL, which is something that I had trouble with previously."

Johnny started out his professional career as a Quantitative Analyst and Trader for a number of Financial Securities companies, but he knew that he wanted to push his career and earning potential further. Like many of our students, he knew that developing a solid set of coding skills would allow him to move to the front of the pack and catch the eye of recruiters for top dollar tech industry jobs.

"I was happy with my career, but I wanted to develop that extra edge that would keep me competitive," Johnny said. "Having completed the Coder Foundry Master Class, I am excited to see what the future holds for me. I truly believe the sky is the limit."

Whether you're seeking to create that competitive edge for yourself in the job market like Johnny, or you're interested in switching gears and creating a new path for yourself in the tech industry, Coder Foundry can help! Our twelve week bootcamp has helped students with a wide variety of backgrounds launch or further their careers in .Net coding and other technologies. Apply today to see the real difference that Coder Foundry can make in your professional life.