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Real Estate to Web Developer, Before Graduation Day

Please join us in congratulating Ryan C.!

Ryan graduates from Coder Foundry next week, yet he’s already landed a new job as a Web Developer!

Ryan worked in real estate before attending Coder Foundry, but wanted to get a fresh start and break into programming. Despite his status as a novice with no coding experience, Ryan worked incredibly hard in class and filled his portfolio with a suite of professional software applications.

Our job placement team  connected Ryan with an employer that matched the requirements he laid out. Ryan nailed the interview and received his offer last week!

Watch Ryan’s story below, in his own words:

Ryan: Nil. Nothing. Nothing at all.
That exercise one for HTML and CSS was the first line of code I’ve ever written in my entire life.
Interviewer: And what happened today?
Today I got a job. So, I’m pretty happy about that.
Antonio: As a developer he was completely zero. He was at the bottom line, right at the foundation of learning anything at all. 
Ryan: I knew that there would be some folks in the class that had some experience - maybe job experience or some amateur experience, or what have you. And with me, having no experience at all I was worried a little bit about whether I’d be able to pick this up and handle the material.
Antonio: I knew he was sleeping on a mattress in a wine cellar. At the same time, that is not what he was focusing on. He was focusing on getting this done. Learning this. Nurturing his passion for coding and doing something that he really, really enjoys. 
Ryan: You learn by doing. You have these problems that you encounter in your code and for the most part you are encouraged to try to figure them out on your own. But that’s the model - just putting your nose to the grindstone and doing it. That’s how you learn, and it works. 
I’m here doing something that I love to do, making more money for it. So, doing worry about me.

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