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Student Success Stories: DJ Debnam

Please join us in congratulating DJ Debnam!

DJ is a UNC Chapel Hill graduate who attended Coder Foundry, switched careers, and now works as a .NET developer for a software company in North Carolina.

Some of our students are competent in coding before they attend (like Keith). And others are virtual novices, like DJ. In either case our job placement staff works to connect you to a job that fits your interests and level of experience. 

Watch DJ tell his his story below. We've also added a transcript, annotated with links so you can follow along.

"Before Coder Foundry I had just graduated from the University of Chapel Hill, and my major was geography.
I'd taken a couple of computer courses in college. I was really just interested in understanding how it all works. I was always interested in it but I didn't know how to get into it.
I knew I could potentially learn on my own, but it didn't like the best way for me.
I looked at a lot of the former students and where they were and I just knew it would be a good option for me.
The instructors - they are really helpful, and you could tell that they really know their stuff. I feel like I can ask them any question and if I sort of understand the concept they make it extremely clear for me.
I really enjoyed the structure of the program and how fast paced it is, especially compared to my college courses. Coming in to the program I wasn't sure where I stood. But you know I feel very confident now that I'm able to approach a problem and I can find a solution."