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IT Salary Guide Shows Positive Growth for 2014

According to the latest polls, the tech sector is growing - a refreshing sign after the financial crash in 2008 that stunted the IT field. The 2014 Robert Half Salary Guide shows that IT salaries are up 5 percent over 2013, while project manager roles saw a 6 percent salary hike. Furthermore, developers saw a 7.1 percent salary increase and mobile app developers an impressive 7.8 percent rise.

Salaries aren't the only aspect of the tech sector on the rise either. The report indicated that hiring is growing more aggressive, while firms are offering more benefits and perks - like free housekeeping - to attract top talent.

This is positive news for anyone considering entering the tech sector as a developer. The Coder Foundry can help you develop the key skills that employers are looking for at one of our web dev bootcamps and deliver you into a promising role in this growing industry. Beyond the 7.5 percent salary increase for web developers, specific development skills can mean even larger salary increases. Over the average salary range of $83,500 to $127,750, anyone taking a course at Coder Foundry can expect to see increases of the following:

  • Add 5% for ASP development skills
  • Add 9% for C# development skills
  • Add 4% for C++ development skills
  • Add 9% for Java/Java EE development skills
  • Add 9% for .NET development skills

If you're serious about launching an increasingly lucrative career in development, consider the 12-week intensive courses offered here at The Coder Foundry. Our courses are designed to help you find a high-paying IT job in a matter of months by teaching you the skills you need and offering high-quality job placement services.